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Fox News: Obama’s Gun Control Push Will Lead to More Beheadings

On Tuesday’s edition of Fox and Friends, the panel warned that President Obama’s push for more gun control may lead to more beheadings like we saw in Moore, Oklahoma last week.

Discussing Mark Vaughn, the man who shot Alton Nolen after he attacked two co-workers, Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano said, “More guns equals less crime. Because the bad guys fear reactive violence from the victim or someone around the victim more than they fear getting caught. They all think they can get away. But if they think the victim or someone around the victim has a gun, that will give them pause or it will at least stop them in their tracks.”

Of course, Obama is apparently doing everything he can to take away guns. What is he doing? It’s unclear, but Napolitano believes he’s doing… something. Everything.

“He’s doing everything he can, administratively as the chief executive officer of the federal government, and now attempting to get us to enact a treaty to make it very, very difficult to carry guns,” Napolitano said. “He’s told the states, ask people when they get registered for guns what their race is. What business is it of the government what race I am? It’s to intimidate people out of getting guns because the president believes that he and the government – and all logic defies this! – can keep us safer than we can keep our self.”

“So if Barack Obama could, he would ban guns in the hands of everybody except the police,” Fox News host Steve Doocy interjected. “So the takeaway from what happened in the horrific murder down in Oklahoma in the Vaughn corporation, number one, was the guy inspired by ISIS or extremism to behead that woman? The other is that perhaps the president of that company stopped other people from being killed because he was armed legally.”

Napolitano agreed, saying, “If more people were legally armed, there would be less violence, period. Whether it’s monsters trying to destroy us or whether it’s a crackpot in the workplace or a nut job in the street.”

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