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Pat Buchanan: Obama Inciting Racial Violence Against Police Officers

Pat Buchanan has penned a new column slamming President Obama for “stoking the fires of racial resentment” and inciting black violence against the police.

If a “St. Louis officer is wounded or killed in revenge for Brown, President Obama will deserve a full share of the moral responsibility,” Buchanan wrote.

“What, other than its racial aspect, can explain why Obama is so hung up on Ferguson?” Buchanan asked. “At the Congressional Black Caucus dinner Saturday, he was back stoking the embers.”

He quoted Obama as saying, “Too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement, guilty of walking while black or driving while black – judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness.”

“Obama is here implying that Michael Brown was profiled, judged ‘guilty of walking while black,’ when shot and killed,” Buchanan writes. “But that is false, and Barack Obama knows it’s false.”

“Why is he parroting a party line about America that he knows is more myth than truth?” Buchanan asked. “White cops are not the great lurking danger, nor the leading cause of violent death, of black teenagers and men. That role is fulfilled by other black teenagers and other black men. And the statistics on the ugliest forms of racial violence in America – interracial assaults, rapes, murders – reveal that such crimes are overwhelmingly black-on-white.”

“Saturday night, a Ferguson cop was shot in an incident unrelated to August,” Buchanan writes. “But Chief Jackson and State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson have told the Washington Post their officers have been repeatedly threatened and, since August, have come under gunfire. If a St. Louis officer is wounded or killed in revenge for Brown, President Obama will deserve a full share of the moral responsibility. It is time he started acting like a president of all the people and dropped this role of outside agitator.”

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