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Laura Ingraham: Obama Less Safe Because He ‘Brought in a Woman’ to Run Secret Service

Laura Ingraham discussed the recent security breach at the White House and told her listeners that it only happened because the Secret Service put a woman in charge rather than “a really strong person.”

“They brought in a woman, first female director – remember the Obama administration loves firsts,” Ingraham said. “You get the sense that at some point that it’s the first that’s more important than common sense.”

“What works – let’s do what works best, OK?” she said. “Is it to have a woman there or is it just to have a really strong person there? A big, hulking person. Female, male, I don’t care. They want to be historic. They want it to be a historic appointment, instead of thinking, ‘gee, maybe we just need the best people.’”

In an interview with Fox and Friends, Ingraham also said, “You do get the sense at some point that political correctness could have been a factor here, right? Because the new female director, who’s going to be questioned today, Julia Pierson, came in after that Colombia prostitute scandal with the Secret Service… She was a proud career civil servant – 30 years with the Secret Service. But you do get the sense that with this administration that all these decisions about who gets what position and where they’re stationed – political correctness comes into the decision-making, and this is no place for political correctness.”

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