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Radio Show Warns That ‘A Gay’ May Be Coming For Your Son

Host Gordon Klingenschmitt interviewed “researcher” Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute on his ‘Pray in Jesus Name’ show and the two warned listeners that “a gay” might be coming to recruit your son.

Klingenschmitt, who is running for a Colorado state legislature seat after winning the Republican primary, asked Cameron if gay people “use molestation as a recruiting tool” and Cameron said that they most certainly do.

“Homosexuals, from the get-go, as long as we have recorded history, have used the molestation of boys as a way to recruit to homosexuality,” Cameron said. “So this is a tremendous recruitment tool. If a gay can get to your son first, the chances are 50-50, as near as we can tell, that your son is going to be a practicing homosexual to some degree. It’s very important to keep your sons from having a homosexual experience.”

They later discussed Cameron’s work in helping to ban gay people from donating blood.

“What gays do is so dangerous, I mean, rectal sex,” Cameron said. “I mean, think of all of the stuff that they do. You don’t know what else is out there. We still don’t know all the components in human blood. They’ve got other stuff, if there’s something over in another country in the world, given that gays travel more, given that gays have sex whenever they travel, uh oh, they bring back whatever is out there and there’s always something new out there. So there still needs to be a ban.”

Wait, there’s a stereotype that gays travel more?

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