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Rick Wiles: ‘Muslim Jihadist’ Obama About to Prosecute Americans For ‘Hate Speech’

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles told his ‘Trunews’ show listeners that the “Muslim jihadist in the White House” wants to prosecute him and anyone that discusses terrorism for hate speech laws (which don’t exist).

Discussing the Oklahoma beheading, Wiles said, “Why is the FBI involved in a local murder in Oklahoma? I’ll tell you why. If we speak out against Islam, we are going to be targeted by the feds for religious hate speech. The feds have already ruled today that the beheading was workplace violence, so if anybody says it was Muslim terrorism, that person will be at risk for prosecution for stirring up religious strife. Remember, we have a Muslim jihadist in the White House.”

Earlier in September, Wiles told his listeners that Obama is allowing “his ISIS buddies to behead and crucify Christians.”

Wiles said he’s “starting to believe that Mr. Obama may in fact be the Islamic Mahidi, the eleventh imam who comes to fulfill the ministry of the prophet Mohamed. He is a very evil, wicked and dangerous man.”

That same week, Wiles accused Obama of “waging jihad” on America by ensuring that fashion ads feature male models with “Islamic beards.”

“Obama is a very sick, little puppy, but a dangerous attack dog,” Wiles said. “Everything about the Obama administration has been orchestrated to tear apart and dismantle the United States while at the same time encouraging, aiding, and supporting violent Islam around the world and here in the USA. I stand by my repeated claim that Barack Hussein Obama is the ultimate jihadist, he is waging jihad from inside the White House.”

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