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Oil Tycoon: I’m ‘Sick and Tired of Minorities Running Our Country’

Charlotte Lucas, the co-founder of Lucas Oil, is apparently outraged that “minorities” are “running our country” and took to her Facebook to lament just that.

In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, Lucas wrote, “I’m sick and tired of minorities running our country! As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think atheists (minority), muslims (minority) nor any other minority group has the right to tell the majority of the people in the United States what they can and cannot do here. Is everyone so scared that they can’t fight back for what is right or wrong with this country?”

When RTV6 reporter Rafael Sanchez contacted her about the post, she said, “I was very upset when I wrote that. I will not elaborate other than to say that there are certain people who are trying to make the whole world eat what they want to eat and do what they want to do. I don’t think it’s any of their business what I put in my mouth. Thank you.”

She later issued a statement apologizing for the post, writing, “I apologize to everyone for the insensitive comments posted on my Facebook account. My comments did not reflect my personal views about any individual or minority group, only my frustration that our government system sometimes seems out of balance. We live in a great country, but the agenda for our elected officials is too often dictated by special interest groups. My comments did not reflect my true feelings, and I am sorry for anyone who may have been offended.”

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  • Thom Lee

    What’s right or wrong in this country is the right to be different yet equal. What is wrong in this country are narrow minded biggoted hateful people who believe they have the right to decide for the majority and minority!

  • Delson

    Charolette-You have enough money to live anywhere in the world. Stop complaining and move to somewhere that pleases you more.

  • Dorothy Dill

    I could care less what she puts in her mouth. However, I think we all should be concerned with the hatred and bigotry that comes out of her mouth 🙁

  • 54StarryNights

    She was either upset that one of her servants got uppity or that the First Lady is advocating for a healthier diet for school children (and everyone really). I can see how that might drive a monstrously wealthy, entitled bigot over the edge.

  • Eady Trice Morgan

    Um, ” my comments don’t represent my personal views” , Anyone else see something wrong with that statement?

    • gwf3rd

      She has a case of freedumb.

    • Bob Campe

      She was misquoted in her own autobiography

  • Pieter Weir

    Women are also a minority in this country. Maybe she should pass her company down to her sons or another man.

  • zillaouch

    Do you feel you/they have Black History Month or even what else do they want
    do you teach false history like north /south when all 13 colonies had slaves
    do you use different words to describe the same acts like riot, civil unrest, Boston Tea, Party
    do you put the act of a few on all …..before calling people animals are names demand the books are rewritten giving knowledge of the middle passage the walk of sorrow
    do you get the feeling it was the past move on
    do you feel we /they got a president ,Oprah, athletes actors -actress ,ect ,and that we /they choose to be in the property index do you not knowing or believing those industries that have been historically races STILL ARE to think or believe you would tell JEWS are ASIANS or any other NATION that has faced such horrors to get over
    now do you feel
    do you care
    where’s your concern it’s all about self INDIVIDUALISM if so we all LOSE because it must be to work WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!! SAY SOMETHING. leave post….. “The killers of so many so easy to point the finger at the survivors of Hitler Holocaust type lifestyle in America” http://youtu.be/I27gBAnTQmM