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GOP Candidate: Supreme Court ‘Forcing Homosexual Marriage’ to Let Gays ‘Recruit Your Kids’

Colorado Republican state legislature candidate Gordon Klingenschmitt is unhappy about the Supreme Court’s decision to not hear any appeals of gay marriage rulings and warned his followers that judges are “forcing homosexual marriage” to “deny kids’ rights.”

In an email to his Pray in Jesus Name project members, Klingenschmitt wrote, “Unfair to Kids: Judges force homosexual “marriage” in 30 states.”

“Every child has the right to a mom or dad,” he writes. “Cruel judges now deny kids’ rights in 30 states.”

By that same line of reasoning, divorce between straight couples should also be illegal, but you won’t hear the right on that.

“Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear any of the seven possible appeals from five states that would protect traditional marriage between one man and one woman,” Klingenschmitt writes. “This dereliction of duty allowed bad lower-court rulings to enforce homosexual ‘marriage’ in 11 new states, against the will of the voters. Many children will now be told by the government, ‘You can’t have a mother. You get two dads instead.’ That’s unfair to kids.”

“This just in,” Klingenschmitt reminds his readers,” Sodomy is still banned by God in all 50 states. Gay marriage now ‘legal’ in 30 states? Only 3 states voted for that, meaning it was imposed on kids in 27 states by oligarchs, against the voters’ will. 38 states had bans before this judicial TYRANNY overruled the people’s will. God will have the last word.”

It’s pretty amazing how much these people say they love the Constitution yet freak out completely when courts protect the right of the minority from the tyranny of the majority.

“Will Christians work this hard, to defend their children from such an agenda to normalize sin and recruit your kids?” Klingenschmitt asks.

Nobody wants your kid, Gordon. Especially if he’s anything like you.

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