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Utah Republican’s Same-Sex Union Compromise: Call It ‘Pairage,’ Not ‘Marriage’

Utah Republican lawmaker Kraig Powell doesn’t like the idea of gay people using the term “marriage” because apparently that somehow cheapens his. But he’s got a “great” compromise he’d like to float: call it “pairage.”

In Utah, the state code for marriage is titled on the books as “Husband and Wife.”

“We need to start from the very top, change the name of the entire section of code and then figure out all the different places where something different needs to be written or amended,” said Powell, the state representative of Heber City.

“I have come up with a word we probably can use and see if the courts will accept,” he proposed to the Deseret News. “I call it ‘pairage.’ This would essentially be the legal recognition of same-sex relationships. I think it’s an important distinction to draw because I think even same-sex couples would admit that their relationships are going to be different.”

He went on to say that same-sex partners require artificial means to have kids.

“Because of that, you have totally different questions about who has parental rights,” he explained. “So I think we actually ought to recognize that for its very obvious nature. We could actually create and call this a different institution. We call this pairage, the same-sex relationship between partners is called pairage. The legal relationship between opposite sex partners is called marriage. We then write our laws.”

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