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Shock: Democrat Alison Grimes Takes Lead Over GOP Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky Senate Race

A surprising new poll has found that Democratic candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes has taken a slight lead over incumbent Republican Senator Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.

A new Courier-Journal/Survey USA poll has found that Grimes leads McConnell by a 46-44 margin with libertarian candidate David Patterson picking up 3 percent.

In the last Courier-Journal poll, which was released in August, McConnell led Grimes by four points.

“Today, McConnell suddenly and unexpectedly looks wobbly,” a Survey USA release said.

The Courier-Journal also reports that, “The deeper numbers in the survey do show Grimes’ ads – one showing her trap-shooting and another featuring former President Bill Clinton – are helping her gain ground with conservative Democrats.”

Louisville Congressman John Yarmuth tells the Huffington Post, “Mitch can’t get above 47 percent, and that means he can’t win if Alison can make the sale about why she should replace him.”

Grimes’ campaign manager told The Hill that the new poll “reflects the overwhelming grassroots enthusiasm Alison and our campaign see every day across the Commonwealth. Today, Kentuckians made their voice heard: they are ready for a new Senator who will put the people of Kentucky first – not one who cares more about his own self-promotion.

After trailing McConnell among male voters by 10 percent in August, Grimes now only trails by a 45-44 margin among men. After trailing by 5 percent among voters under 50, Grimes now leads McConnell by 9 percent in that demographic. Grimes is also gaining ground in the rural parts of the state while increasing her lead in cities like Louisville.

While President Obama is very unpopular in the state, earning just a 29 percent approval rating, McConnell himself only owns a 35 percent approval rating in his own state.

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