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Phyllis Schlafly: ‘Overweight Woman in Charge of the Secret Service’ Couldn’t ‘Protect the President’

In an interview with radio host Cindy Graves, Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly discussed women in the military and the Secret Service, claiming that outgoing Secret Service Director Julia Pierson is “an overweight woman” who was “not able to protect the president.”

Though Schlafly has traditionally been against women serving in the military, she discussed her support for National Guard veteran and Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst, saying that she is “not only a strong woman but also as a military leader, I think it’s refreshing.”

For seemingly no reason, she went on to add, “Of course, the Secret Service has taken a blow in the past week. They put this overweight woman in charge of the Secret Service and she was not able, really, to protect the president.”

Yes, the “overweight” woman was unable. Not the dozens of male agents who were actually on the scene who allowed the White House intruder to get in the president’s residence.

Schlafly isn’t the only right winger to blame the Secret Service screw-ups on Pierson’s being a woman.

Last week, radio host Laura Ingraham echoed that sentiment.

“They brought in a woman, first female director – remember the Obama administration loves firsts,” Ingraham said. “You get the sense that at some point that it’s the first that’s more important than common sense. What works – let’s do what works best, OK? Is it having a woman there or is it just to have a really strong person there? A big hulking person.”

Yes, replace the Secret Service director with a nightclub bouncer and no bad guy will want to mess with Obama. Common sense…

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