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Allen West: Obama Waging Biological Warfare on Americans

Former Congressman Allen West spoke with right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson this week and claimed that President Obama is waging “biological warfare” on Americans.

West said that if researchers figure out a connection between “dispersed illegal alien children” and enterovirus D68, “then shame on the president for playing politics with the health of our children, that would just be abhorrent.”

Peterson asked West if he thought that constituted “biological warfare.”

“You know the thing is, biological warfare doesn’t have to be something purposeful, but all of a sudden when you have contagions that are in your environment that are attacking your people, that is an aspect of biological warfare. I believe it was Tom Clancy who wrote a book about weaponizing Ebola so need to be very aware of these things.”

Yes, we should be aware of these things, because Tom Clancy wrote a book.

Last week, West also warned that Obama will “flood the country with illegals.”

“The progressive socialists, Islamo-fascists and secular humanists… have all aligned themselves against our Constitutional Republic,” West wrote in a blog post. “Obama intends to flood the country will illegals – after all, that’s what he promised the radical Hispanic groups such as LULAC and La Raza. And this is being done quietly so as not to upset the midterm elections – but alas, we here will continue to expose the nefarious intents of Barack Hussein Obama and his progressive socialist acolytes.”

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