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Phyllis Schlafly: Obama ‘Letting’ Ebola Come to America to Make US More Like Africa

Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly spoke to WorldNetDaily this week and claimed that President Obama is letting “diseased people” into the country to make America like Africa.

“There are all kinds of diseases in the rest of the world, and we don’t want them in this country,” Schlafly said. “Of all the things Obama has done, I think this thing of letting these diseased people into this country to infect our own people is just the most outrageous of all.”

“That was the purpose of Ellis Island,” she said. “To have a waiting place where it was decided whether people were healthy enough or responsible enough to come into our country. The idea that anybody can just walk in and carry this disease with them is just an outrage, and it is Obama’s fault because he’s responsible for doing it.”

“Obama doesn’t want America to believe that we’re exceptional,” Schlafly concluded. “He wants us to be just like everybody else, and if Africa is suffering from Ebola, we ought to join the group and be suffering from it, too. That’s his attitude.”

Schlafly is far from the only right-winger that believes this.

On his radio show, host Bryan Fischer echoed this statement, adding that Obama wants Ebola in America to punish the US for racism.

Fischer said that Obama’s lack of action gives the impression that he “wants Ebola to come to the United States to punish America for being racist… Maybe it’s part of his redistribution plan to redistribute disease, not just wealth.”

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