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Right Wing Rant: Parents Should Be Exempt From Taxes, Should Get Extra Votes

Anti-gay propagandist Paul Cameron appeared on the Pray in Jesus Name show, hosted by fellow anti-gay propagandist and Colorado state legislature candidate Gordon Klingenschmitt, to call for parents to get tax exempt status and extra votes to combat declining population growth.

“We’re facing a demographic crunch,” Cameron said. “So, here’s what we recommend; 1) Change the tax system. If you have two or three kids and you’re married, you should pay no taxes. When those kids leave, back to paying taxes. But as long as you’re raising children, no taxes for you. You’re assuring a future so your kids are going to have to be working to support all their cohorts who are now getting older.”

“So now that creates a tax incentive for people to have children and stay home maybe and raise them,” Klingenschmitt jumped in.

“Yes, but let’s give it more than just that,” Cameron said. “Let’s change the voting system. Right now we’ve gotten used to the idea of one person, one vote, one citizen, one vote. That’s fine. Let’s keep that. But let’s do this: let’s change how politicians think. Let’s give every parent their vote as a citizen plus one vote for each child they have. That means a couple with let’s say three children will have eight votes and if you’re a single guy you have a vote too but let’s change the politics of it so that politicians suddenly say I want to be family friendly cause I want to come back to Washington.”

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