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Michael Savage: President ‘Obola’ is Waging a ‘Civil War’ on America

Radio host Michael Savage appeared on The Steve Malzberg Show to plug his new book, ‘Stop the Coming Civil War,’ and warned that President “Obola” is “conducting a civil war on America’s institutions.”

“The fact of the matter is, in two more years we’re not going to survive,” Savage said of Obama’s remaining time in office. “He has been conducting a civil war on America’s institutions from the day he seized power. But it’s not just him. Take a look at the people surrounding him, ‘the four hoursewomen of the apocalypse,’ they’re all thirty, forty year radicals on the left, that’s what they’re doing, they’re achieving revolutionary goals in front of our eyes.”

“The point is, he’s much cleverer than anyone could imagine, that’s how he became president,” Savage continued. “You don’t become president by being stupid… He has, in six years, managed to destroy the country’s chief institutions.”

“Ebola is where the rubber meets the road,” Savage said. “We can see his incompetence with Ebola. He could have stopped this. It’s getting out of control. I named the president Obola the other day because my fear is that will be his legacy. This is a nightmare, but it shows us how incompetent the man really is.”

So, wait, is President “Obola” clever or incompetent? Pick a side, Mike.

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