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Texas Attorney General: Ban Gay Marriage or Risk ‘Survival of Human Race’

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, currently running for governor, argued that the state’s gay marriage ban is necessary for the “survival of the human race” in court.

In an amicus brief filed in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Abbott argued that a district judge’s ruling to overturn the gay marriage ban would be detrimental “to the State’s interest in encouraging couples to produce new offspring, which are needed to ensure economic growth and the survival of the human race.”

Abbott wrote, “Because opposite-sex relationships are the only union that is biologically capable of producing offspring, it is rational to believe that opposite-sex marriages will generate new offspring to a greater extent than same-sex marriages will. It is therefore rational for the State to subsidize opposite-sex marriages, which tend to produce benefits for society by generating new off-spring, while withholding these subsidies from same-sex relationships, which are far less likely to provide this particular societal benefit.”

He then somehow tied gay marriage to children born out of wedlock, writing, “By channeling procreative heterosexual intercourse into marriage, Texas’ marriage laws reduce unplanned out-of-wedlock births and the costs that these births impose on society. Recognizing same-sex marriage does not advance this interest because same-sex unions do not result in pregnancy.”

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