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Republican Congressman: Obama Wants Ebola Outbreak So That He Can ‘Take Control of Everything’

Texas Congressman Steve Stockman appeared on Rick Wiles’ ‘Trunews’ show to claim that President Obama might be delaying government response to the supposed Ebola outbreak in America in order to declare emergency powers and take control of “everything.”

Wiles asked Stockman why the government isn’t implementing emergency measures for the supposed Ebola “pandemic” in the United States.

“I assumed all these years that when we have a pandemic these emergency measures were going to be put into place right away and that’s why I’m really puzzled by the ineptness, the slowness of what’s taking place,” Wiles said.

Perhaps because more Americans have died from vending machines falling on them in just the past month than have contracted the disease? Wait, no, let’s allow an elected lawmaker to give his well-reasoned and well-informed response.

“It’s just bizarre there’s not been enough action up front and I’m wondering if that’s – I’m not saying this – but I’m wondering if that’s intentional in order to create a greater crisis to use it as a blunt force to say, well in order to solve this crisis we’re going to have to take control of the economy and individuals and so forth.”

This is an elected lawmaker semi-accusing the President of intentionally creating an Ebola outbreak that does not exist, folks. But he’s not “saying,” he’s just “wondering.”

“It’s just a strange non-response, a strange way of handling it and I think that if it does go forward and we do not control it, there may be an overreaction where the government starts taking away the rights of those that aren’t that necessarily involved or need that to happen,” Stockman said. “I hope that’s not the case but as you know this current government uses crisis to advance their philosophy and their agenda.”

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