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Sears, Amazon Sold Swastika Rings That ‘Make You Look Beautiful at Your Next Dinner Date’

Retail giants Amazon and Sears have pulled a series of swastika rings from their websites after major outcry from offended shoppers.

The rings were sold by a third-party seller, CET Domain.

One description reads, “This gothic jewelry item in particular features a Swastika ring that’s made of .925 Thai silver. Not for Neo Nazi or any Nazi implication. These jewelry items are going to make you look beautiful at your next dinner date.”

Well yeah, how else are you going to set a romantic mood?

The ring has since been taken down and Sears has posted a statement on their Facebook page.

“The ring was not posted by Sears, but by independent third-party sellers on Sears Marketplace,” the statement said. “All Marketplace Sellers must accept our seller agreement terms in order to sell their items on Sears.com and part of that agreement includes an understanding that certain offensive items may not be listed. If a problem occurs, we take appropriate action. The ring has not been purchasable since this morning and we are in the processed of completely removing the items from our site.”

That didn’t stop the critics, who now say they won’t shop at Sears because of this.

“Finished with Sears,” wrote Ralph Alterbaum. “Don’t fall for their propaganda. They should have monitored what was sold on their e-commerce website. Poor management and very little oversight. Shame on Sears’ senior team. Heads should roll for this. Watch how they will not even reprimand those responsible.”

“I’m going to slice up my Sears Card,” wrote Ann Katz Zeller. “So should everyone. Shame on you Sears.”

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