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Store Manager Demands Mom Leave Disabled Toddler in Hot Car While She Shops

A Louisiana mom is outraged after a manager of a dollar store told her that she had to leave her disabled toddler in the car because the store does not allow strollers.

Jessica Margiotta of Lafitte tells WDSU that she went to Family Dollar to buy diapers with her baby daughter and 3-year-old son. The boy is in a stroller because he suffers from muscle deficiency which makes it difficult for him to walk.

She says that a store employee told her the stroller was “against store policy.” When Margiotta tried to explain the situation, the store’s manager told her she could either carry both of her children or leave the boy in the car.

She says the temperatures in Marrero that day were over 90 degrees.

“I would never leave my kids in the vehicle,” Margiotta told WDSU. “Ever. Cold or hot outside. They’re going to come with me.”

Advocacy group Kids in Cars reports that 28 children died after being left in hot cars this year.

WDSU reports that Family Dollar representatives say there is no official policy that prohibits strollers in their stores.

CNBC, however, previously reported that because of the store’s business model, it is often impossible to walk through the aisles with a stroller.

Earlier this year CNBC did a scathing report on Family Dollar, reporting that, “From blocked aisles that a mom with a stroller can’t navigate to hastily arranged shelves, the stress on Family Dollar’s business model orchestrated by the management team, and not properly checked by the board, is freakishly apparent.”

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  • Thom Lee

    Sounds like discrimination to me. I get not allowing strollers generally but an exception for this child should have been made.

  • sunshipballoons

    If the stroller will fit through the aisle, allowing the stroller is clearly a reasonable modification required by the ADA. If the stroller won’t fit through the aisle, the store setup almost certainly violates the ADA, unless perhaps it’s been like that since before the ADA became law.

  • bunnychi75

    Family Dollar aisles didn’t used to be that small. I think because they’re trying to be like Dollar Tree/Dollar General with their small grocery sections, and those stores were already built small to begin with, once they added theirs, it made it way too crowded.

  • LyndaLBD

    Then widen the store – and make more room for strollers, because moms will NOT shop in their stores if this becomes a policy. I will boycott even if I don’t have children. FAMILY DOLLAR, fix this problem now!

  • Nayrod

    Dollar store over stuff their stores. Sometimes you alone, can barely walk through the aisle. They sell good items but I’ve reported them to the main office several times myself. That’s insane if this story is true. This woman should make a big stink! Unacceptable for any person to advise to leave a human being in a car. Let alone a defenseless child.

  • Debra Ranson

    That’s just stupid. Go to a different store.

  • W Stan

    Could this be another of those fake reports like the KFC child?

  • Ruth Anne Telford

    Who needs this store? Dollar stores are everywhere. Spend your money somewhere else. Good for this mom for not agreeing with the manager! People!

  • notadailycaller

    Spend your money elsewhere…anywhere else. This store should be out of business.