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Columnist: ‘Diabolical’ Obama ‘Wants to Spread Ebola’ in US to ‘Declare Martial Law’

Columnist Erik Rush has penned a new piece for ultra-right-wing “news” site WorldNetDaily, claiming that ‘diabolical’ President Obama wants an Ebola outbreak to “legitimize a declaration of martial law in America.”

Rush writes that the recent spike in Ebola deaths around the world “suggests something besides the disease itself is driving this epidemic.”

Well, let’s see, poor infrastructure, lack of quality healthcare or proper procedures, poor education. What do you think it is, Erik?

“They have determined that political expedience trumps public health concerns,” Rush writes of the Administration’s top doctors and scientists. “Or they want Ebola to spread in the United States.”


“Given how manifestly diabolical I know this president and his administration to be, I don’t doubt that the latter is a possibility,” he writes. “It certainly would fall within the scope of concerns some analysts have expressed pertaining to various escalating crises in America being orchestrated by the White House in order to ultimately ‘legitimize’ a declaration of martial law in America.”

“It would also be child’s play for a determined group of individuals, terrorists – or even a government – to ‘help along’ an epidemic of such a virulent disease.”

The most annoying part about this column isn’t the massive leaps he takes to make his ludicrous point but that it is almost exactly last week’s column.

Last Thursday, Rush wrote that Obama is an “incomprehensibly diabolical individual” and “wondered” if the country’s “intellectually compromised” leader intends to “facilitate an Ebola outbreak in the United States.”

Come on, Erik, it’s like you’re not even trying anymore.

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