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Michael Savage: ‘Psychotic’ Obama Wants to ‘Kill Us All’

Radio host Michael Savage appeared on The Alex Jones Show to claim that President Obama “is going to kill all of us” but said the Ebola “outbreak” may lead to his removal from office.

“He wants an insurrection,” Savage said. “He wants his Kristallnacht. He wants to take the guns, he wants to arrest people, he wants to detain people for their own safety… [He] is liable to use [Ebola] to gain even more power.”

But it could “save us from this psychotic in the White House,” Savage added.

“You’re gonna think I’m a little weird when I say that Ebola may be the silver lining,” he explained. “Maybe that’s gonna awaken people to the fact that this man is not only incompetent, but that his radical open-borders agenda is gonna kills all of us. Just maybe, this could be a blessing.”

Savage and Jones then exchanged conspiracy theories with Savage claiming Obama wants to use a potential crisis to remain in office after his term expires while Jones claimed Obama may use Ebola as a “false flag and try to blame it on the liberty movement.”

“False flag” has basically become this guy’s “Get ‘er done.” What a hack.

Savage also slammed the “mentally ill” Democrats in Congress.

“I think they’re crazy, they’re drugged, they’re on medication, antidepressants, they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about,” said Savage, who is clearly very sane and with it.

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