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Right Wing Rant: ‘There’s No More Community More Racist in American Than The Black Community’

Right wing commentator David Horowitz appeared on Phyllis Schlafly’s ‘Eagle Forum Live’ radio show to argue that black people, not white people, are the “most racist community in America.”

Speaking of the Ferguson protests sparked by the shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown, Horowitz said they “destroyed a city to get a cop who was defending himself. Look at the picture of him in the hospital with his eye socket practically blown out.”

The photo in question has in fact been circulated around many right-wing sites and blogs and does show a person with his eye socket blown out but there’s just one problem. It’s not Darren Wilson. But why let facts get in the way of a perfectly mediocre narrative?

Horowitz went on to say that Brown was “just a thug” who suffered the consequences for what he did and decried the vilification of Ferguson’s white police force.

“They’re not interested in waiting for a trial and its result,” Horowitz said. “If you’re white, you’re guilty, that’s the attitude. There’s no community that’s more racist in America than the black community. And everybody knows it, but nobody will say it.”

Actually, David, there is one “community” more racist than black people based on that argument: the legal community, whose motto is essentially “if you’re black, you’re guilty.”

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