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Right Wing Rant: ‘There’s No More Community More Racist in American Than The Black Community’

Right wing commentator David Horowitz appeared on Phyllis Schlafly’s ‘Eagle Forum Live’ radio show to argue that black people, not white people, are the “most racist community in America.”

Speaking of the Ferguson protests sparked by the shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown, Horowitz said they “destroyed a city to get a cop who was defending himself. Look at the picture of him in the hospital with his eye socket practically blown out.”

The photo in question has in fact been circulated around many right-wing sites and blogs and does show a person with his eye socket blown out but there’s just one problem. It’s not Darren Wilson. But why let facts get in the way of a perfectly mediocre narrative?

Horowitz went on to say that Brown was “just a thug” who suffered the consequences for what he did and decried the vilification of Ferguson’s white police force.

“They’re not interested in waiting for a trial and its result,” Horowitz said. “If you’re white, you’re guilty, that’s the attitude. There’s no community that’s more racist in America than the black community. And everybody knows it, but nobody will say it.”

Actually, David, there is one “community” more racist than black people based on that argument: the legal community, whose motto is essentially “if you’re black, you’re guilty.”

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  • RenaB

    Facts never seem to get in the way of bs

  • Devedre That’s Daved Slaughter

    Wow David who ever his name is.is smoking crack and it done burned up some of his brain cells smh

  • Donna Green

    WOW….Talking about the kettle calling the pot Black. Some Blacks learned from the “White Masters” the art of racist behavior & hate. We had 300 years of racist hate spewed at us & we had to take it. Some us adjusted & over came & suppress the hate felt within. As each generation continued to experience racial attacks through laws, education, housing policies & police brutality. Their rage comes out in all forms i.e riots, gang bangers, domestic violence. Statements made by Horworitz & his ilk blaming Blacks for their own misfortunes is sad. Some White Folks have definitely played & continually play a part in the rage of Black Folks.

    • T L

      So that means you carry on the racist idea? I’am White, grown up in a blk school, neighbor & the whole time i was an out cast. Never knew why, my grandparents were not racists or my parents. I believe people have no Free Will. You are prepped by your family & surroundings & if racist ideas are still there it’s the adults to blame. Until both RACES admit that NOTHING will get better for either race. Blaming the present on the past is scapegoating.

      • T L

        Even more so, in all races the higher up the $$$ level you are creates looking down on those who have less. So don’t go blaming everyone of a certain race as being racists, cause every race has their buttheads.

      • Donna Green

        Sadly, we all carry some racist thoughts, even you. If black people haven’t been peppered constantly with negativity since we were supposedly set free, maybe we could have “all get along”.

        • T L
        • Catrice Allen

          There is a huge difference in personal bias and “systemic racism,” which is largely responsible for the dehumanization and criminalizing of black folk, particularly black males. Black folks have every reason to have a lack of faith and distrust for white folks and, to quote our brother Cornel West, “the fact that black folks aren’t terrorist is a testament to the kind of people we are.” Stay blessed and educate yourself.

      • Catrice Allen

        Ignoring how the past has impacted the way black people are viewed and how they view themselves is racist and ignorant. Racial disparities in every important area of life: education, housing, wealth, healthcare, government and employment continue to plague black people and they are the result of systemic racism. It is why a white life is always deemed to have more value than that of a black. It is why every black person is guilty until proven innocent.

  • Monroe Frazier

    The prism in which the caller labels blacks in America is not accurate.