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Republican Official: Gay Men Will ‘Skip Down to Adoption Centers to Pick Out a Little Boy For Themselves’

A Virginia county supervisor has sent a fundraising email to his supporters warning them that gay men will soon “terrorize daycare centers, hospitals, churches, and private schools.”

“The radical homosexuals are storming through Washington demanding passage of their agenda,” wrote Loudoun County supervisor Eugene Delgaudio. “They say NOW is the time to push their perverse ‘lifestyle’ on every man, woman, and child in America. And they insist YOU actually support them. To make matters worse, more and more Republicans in Congress are coming out in favor of the Homosexual Agenda.”

“I can only begin to imagine how much more damage the radical homosexuals will do now that they’ve broken the ranks of the opposition party,” he continued. “Businesses may have to adopt hiring quota… Every homosexual fired or not hired becomes a potential federal civil rights lawsuit.”

“Radical homosexuals will terrorize daycare centers, hospitals, churches, and private schools,” Delgaudio claimed. “Traditional moral values will be shattered by federal law… You’ll see men hand-in-hand skipping down to the adoption centers to ‘pick out’ a little boy for themselves.”

“The radical homosexuals boast you support same-sex marriage, special job rights and the promotion of homosexuality in schools,” he concludes. “Please let Congress know the radical homosexuals are lying.”

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