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Columnist: Democrats Want to ‘Destroy Marriage’ to Cause Violence So They Can Ban Guns

Columnist Gina Loudon has penned a new piece for ultra-right-wing “news” site WorldNetDaily to explain to readers why “Democrats hate traditional marriage.”

Loudon writes that Democrats want to “destroy marriage” because they are “opposed to people being mentally healthier” and then Democrats hope that a “mentally deranged person” will “act out violently” so that they can “rush to a TV camera to call for more gun control.”

Sounds like the Democrats are really committed to playing the long game or Loudon has been listening to too much Alex Jones. Especially given that the people “destroying” traditional marriage are judges, often in very conservative states, who apolitically strike down gay marriage bans because they are the epitome of unconstitutional.

Loudon explains that “Democrats are opposed to people being healthy” because “when people are healthy, they don’t need help from the government.”

“Married people are less likely to suffer depression, develop dementia, commit suicide and are protected from a host of other disorders,” Loudon continues, discussing lesser likelihood of disorders among married people as if the ring gives them some sort of impenetrable force field. “Why would Democrats be opposed to people being mentally healthier? All it takes is one mentally deranged person to act violently for Democrats to rush to a TV camera to call for more gun control.”

She goes on to warn if the “Democrats win this one… traditional marriage will be something we will soon read about in history books.”

That’s right folks. If we let more people marry, the entire institution will be destroyed. Makes sense.

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