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Tucker Carlson: It’s ‘Obvious’ Black Teens Make Neighborhoods Dangerous

Fox News host Tucker Carlson told viewers that it is “obvious” that black teens are making neighborhoods more dangerous but white people aren’t allowed to say it.

Carlson spoke with Kevin Jackson, the executive director of the Blacksphere, who explained that black voters may start to support Republicans because they are increasingly frustrated with the lack of change.

“It is a sign that there is a kink in the armor there,” Jackson said. “And the fact of the matter is, when there people were out protesting, I asked the question, who are you protesting against? When you talk about civil rights violations, when the president is black, the attorney general is black, the head of Homeland Security is black.”

“There’s not a white Republican boogey man to blame,” he explained. “So yeah, it’s about time that these folks woke up and said let’s start looking at results… In most cases in the history of black people, we’ve been touched by other white folks. I’m a perfect example of that, where they’ve done really great things to help you.”

Yeah, like put you on television so you can encourage black people to turn to white Republicans for the civil rights protections they are looking for. Wonder why they haven’t thought of that yet.

“Black neighborhoods are not safe,” Jackson added. “And it isn’t because of cops, it’s because of black teens. It’s because of black crime. So at some point, the reality hits you. If you’re running the gauntlet to get to work or to get to school, it’s not cops stopping you, it’s the people in your neighborhood.”

“You just said something I couldn’t say, that most people couldn’t,” Tucker replied. “We’re living in an age where you’re not allowed to say obvious things, and you kind of have to conform.”

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