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Right Wing Rant: ‘Ebola Barry’ Will Kill Millions of Christians to Stay As President After 2016, Is Helping ISIS Wage Jihad

There’s conspiracy theories and then there’s the twisted world inside right wing radio host’s Rick Wiles’ head. On Monday, Wiles shared some of those views with Robert George, the founder of the National Organization for Marriage.

Wiles claimed that President Obama is “just dropping bombs” in Iraq but intentionally “missing the strongholds” of ISIS.

He claimed that “Ebola Barry is deliberately spreading Ebola inside America in a way that would have made Typhoid Mary blush with embarrassment over his brazen ways.”

He isn’t just “Ebola Barry,” Wiles continued, he’s “also Jihad Obama, he is now militarizing the response to Ebola and I assure you he has plans for you and me.”

He warned that the government wants to “release a highly contagious virus” and will “contaminate paper money and spread the plague” so that Obama can “destroy the US dollar” and replace it with the “Amero.”

The “Amero” conspiracy goes back to 2007 when the likes of Wiles theorized that the US is working with Mexico and Canada to create one North American currency. And no, that’s not true.

He went on to claim that Obama will murder millions of Christians to stay on as president after 2016.

“This is the warning for America, you have a dictator, you have a dictator in the White House who is waiting for the opportunity to bring his violence to this country,” Wiles claimed.

“If Mr. Obama gets his way, if he really is able to do what is in his heart, he will bring unspeakable violence and bloodshed to the soil of America, he will bring civil war, he will bring rioting, his assignment is to destroy the country, he is the destroyer,” Wiles ranted. “The damage he’s going to do in the next two years will be unbelievable and we have no idea whether he will leave after 2016 or whether there will be anything left for somebody to govern.”

How is this man not in a strait jacket?

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