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Rep. Steve King Threatens to Shut Down Government, Impeach Obama If He Acts On Immigration

Republican Congressman Steve King appeared on Newsmax to threaten to impeach President Obama and shut down the government if he signs an executive action on immigration.

“If the American people take that sitting down or lying down, then our constitutional republic has been destroyed to the point where putting it back together again in our lifetime looks to me like a very difficult task,” King said, urging anti-immigrant protesters to “surround the White House” and “protest outside the gates of the president’s residence until he lets go of this unconstitutional action.”

He went on to warn that if Obama does take action conservatives would force a government shutdown and begin impeachment proceedings.

“We know there is the I-word in the Constitution that none of us want to say or act on but I would have never had said there will be no boots on the ground, so in this context, everything is on the table, our constitutional republic is on the table,” King said.

Earlier this year, King appeared on the Glenn Beck show to urge Republicans to “restrain this president so that he doesn’t do serious destructive damage to our constitution.”

He said that if the GOP can “restrain” Obama, they can then work on “identifying, lifting up and raising up, and nominating, and electing the next President of the United States whom God will use to restore the soul of America. If we fall short in that, in my lifetime, I don’t expect to see this country put back on its rails again.”

Wow, who would have thought God thinks so highly of future president Hillary Clinton.

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