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Michael Savage: If GOP Wins Senate, Congress Should Arrest Obama For ‘Treason’ and Send Him Back to ‘Indonesia or Kenya’

Michael Savage, truly one of the country’s most vile people, called on Republicans to arrest and try President Obama for treason if they are able to win back the Senate in November.

On Tuesday, Savage asserted that President Obama’s impending executive action on immigration is tantamount to “criminal activity” and added that he should be arrested “for usurping the Constitution and Congress.”

Savage said that any such executive action would be “a treasonous act against the American people” which would be enough for him to “then be arrested and tried for treason.”

He added that Obama might “spend a few years in Indonesia or Kenya” after he is tried for treason.

Savage said that impeachment alone is not enough for a “mad man” like Obama but said the Republicans may not be able to win the Senate because the election has “already been stolen.”

Savage claimed that the midterm election has “already been stolen because there’s been over one million absentee ballots cast already, mostly for Democrats, they’ve already rigged the election. Then you have the issue of the illegal aliens voting, rig the election.”

Wait, how are absentee ballots any different than any other ballots?

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