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Republican Official: Gays Will Make It Legal to ‘Rape and Murder Young Boys’

A Virginia Republican district supervisor and head of the religious right group Public Advocate of the United States has sent an email to his followers claiming that gay rights groups will allow sexual predators to “rape and murder young boys in the streets.”

In the email, Eugene Delgaudio writes that he sees “agents of the radical Homosexual Lobby everywhere… huddled in dark corners scheming and plotting… drooling for more in the new Congress.”

Delgaudio claims the LGBT rights groups want to create “a nation where police are forced by gay ‘rights’ laws to allow sexual predators like ‘Uncle Ed’ Savitz and Jeffrey Dahmer to rape and murder young boys in the streets.”

He goes on to claim that, “These people admit that they want to molest our children.”

Really? Where’s that in the marriage equality literature?

“They admit that they want complete control over the national law enforcement apparatus,” Delgaudio continues. “They admit that they’re deviants.”

Again, I must have missed that part in the LGBT platform.

But Delgaudio, the poor guy, feels like his Republican brethren are abandoning him in the fight against homosexuality.

“My health is suffering under the strain of fighting the radical Homosexual Lobby with limited help,” he writes. “I can’t eat, I can’t sleep and I am sick with worry… And just as Jesus showed us by example and could not have stood back and done nothing at the Temple, I couldn’t stand back and do nothing in the face of the growing power of the radical Homosexual Agenda.”

So, you know, send money.

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