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Alan Keyes: Impeach Obama For ‘Malicious Ebola Attack on US’

Former congressman Alan Keyes spoke with ultra-right-wing “news” site WorldNetDaily this week to call for President Obama to be impeached over Ebola, Benghazi, abortion, and gay rights.

Keyes claimed that Obama is responsible for a “malicious attack on the people of the United States” because he exposed “the general population of our country to dreadful disease.”

He “wondered” if “we actually have people who are vested formally with the power of the executive branch of government who have been aiding and abetting open and declared enemies of the United States” and called for Congress to investigate all White House officials for treason.

He went on to warn that Obama is “forcing people to raise up their children in a way that promotes homosexuality, forcing people to use their time and money and labor in order to promote an approach to marriage that is contrary to the common good of all humanity” and “forcing people to accept as right the murder of posterity in the womb.”

“The facts suggest he is kind of brilliant,” Keyes said about Obama. “He’s a brilliant destroyer of everything American, of every right, of every liberty, of every constitutional premise of this country’s life. He’s brilliant at it, and we are now starting to look like stupid fools for letting him get away with it.”

Isn’t it interesting how the whole gay rights and women’s rights platform somehow becomes warped into Obama trying to “destroy every right and every liberty” in the mind of right-wing loons? Oh, but I suppose the right to discriminate trumps all others. Kind of like the Supremacy Clause of hate.

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