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Radio Host: ‘Racist’ Obama Responsible For Coming Wave of Black Muslim Suicide Bombings

Radio host Jesse Lee Peterson spoke with ultra-right-wing “news” site WorldNetDaily on Monday to warn that President Obama is intensifying “racist attitudes” against white people and black Muslims will soon launch a wave of suicide bombings targeting white people.

“I grew up on a plantation in Alabama and the races were closer then than they are today,” Peterson said. “Black people have to admit and deal with that anger toward white Americans, or things are never going to get better.”

“In some cases they don’t realize they are racist, until a white person disagrees with them about a political issue or President Obama,” Peterson continued. “That’s when the anger comes out. And they won’t admit it’s them. They are angry, and they can’t see the truth.”

Peterson then went on to say, “I would tell white people to overcome fear of being called racist…If you tell the truth, it will force them to look at themselves. But as long as white folks are afraid of being called racist or being sued, it makes things worse. Fear brings out the worst in people, and that’s what they’ve done over the years. They’ve catered and catered to black people and it’s only brought out the worst, the knock-out games, the black mob violence, all that is because they know that white people are afraid of them and it’s just bringing out the worst.”

He then tied that all in with Islam, writing, “In all honesty, because they’re black I don’t think it’s going to get dealt with in an appropriate way. We’re already seeing it’s been called workplace violence. So they’re not pointing out the evil of Islam, and it’s just going to encourage others to do worse things.”

“We’re going to see suicide bombings in shopping centers and buses like in Israel, because it’s not being stopped and the president is not calling it evil or Islamic, so it’s not going to get better,” Peterson concluded. “He sees it as just a few thugs in crime. That’s not the case. And because of that, I don’t see anything that could stop it. So short of a miracle from God, we need to buckle down and get ready because we’re going to have a difficult time ahead of us, with suicide bombers in restaurants and buses and crowded places.”

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