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Right Winger Tells Black and Hispanic Christians That Democrats Secretly Hate Them

A year after his disastrous bid for lieutenant governor of Virginia, E.W. Jackson is calling for a “mass Exodus of Christians from the Democratic Party.”

Jackson has released a video directed at black and Hispanic Christians, claiming that if they talked about their faith, they “will quickly find out how much [the Democrats] really hate you.”

“Christians are being denied employment,” Jackson claims, with zero evidence. “Fired from their jobs, losing their businesses, facing discipline in the military and problems in school for daring to stand up for marriage as a union between one man and one woman.”

Already, none of these things are true and the few truths within them are entirely hyperbolized anecdotal evidence. But whatever, who needs evidence when you can just play the victim.

“This is pushed by Democrats and yet Christians vote for them,” Jackson continues. “To keep voting for these people is destructive of our pastors, our churches, our Constitution, and our society. How long do you think God will put up with that?”

What does that even mean? Why does “God” give a damn about America’s electoral decisions when he’s got third world countries to wipe out with natural disasters and no-talent singers to grace with irrelevant awards?

“I’ve heard the excuse that Democrats help the poor,” Jackson continues. “Do you really think we can defy God on the one hand and prosper on the other? The only thing Democrats have done is create more poor people – more unemployed, higher black unemployment, and lower income for those who are working. Democrats want a captive and dependent group of people who will vote for them at election time.”

That’s right, unlike the Republicans who you should vote for but wouldn’t even spit on you if you were on fire.

“So you think Democrats love black, Hispanic, and poor people?” Jackson asks. “They reward some of our so called Civil Rights leaders if they support Planned Parenthood’s mass abortion of our babies and march in the gay rights parade. But stand up with dignity and courage as a black and Hispanic Christian woman and say this is against the word of God and I will not support it or vote for those who do. You will quickly find out how much they really hate you.”

Yeah, as opposed to Republicans who just LOVE black people. That’s why there’s so many in the party.

So many supposed reasons not to vote for the Democrats, you’d have thought Jackson could come up with at least one reason to vote Republican. But, I guess that’s why he’s never won an election in his life.

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