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Teacher Called Jamaican Students ‘N*gger’ After They Objected to ‘African-American’

An Illinois teacher has been banned from Jay Stream Middle School after she called two students “n*gger” when they objected to being called African-American.

Mea Thompson and Zaria Daniel, two Jamaican-American eighth graders at Jay Stream, says they were in social studies class when a substitute teacher referred to them as “African-American.”

“All four of us were sitting there got offended because none of us are from Africa,” Thompson told WMAQ. “I’m Jamaican. So we said, ‘Can you please not call us that?’”

“She continued to call us that and said, ‘It’s the politically correct term,’” Thompson says. “Then she said, ‘Well, back then you guys would be considered the N-word.’”

Thompson says, “We were shocked and we were like, ‘What? Excuse me?’ She was like, ‘Well, back then that’s what African-Americans were called.’”

The two girls say the teacher continued to use the word throughout the class period and also referred to them as slaves.

They say one of the students actually left the room in tears.

On Tuesday, the school district confirmed that they had spoken to the teacher who admitted that’s exactly what happened. A district spokesperson says she will no longer be allowed to work at the school.

Thompson’s mother, Shayna, says, “After the shock and hurt, I’m angry. It’s a new world, and the people of the past that still hang on to hatred and bigotry don’t belong in this world anymore.”

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