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Radio Host: ‘Gays, Islamics, and Illegal Aliens’ Are Killing Our Children, Because Obama

Right-wing radio host Laurie Roth has penned a new column for Renew America, claiming that gays, “Islamics,” and illegal immigrants are killing our children thanks to Obama’s help.

“We have heard now for many years about the extraordinary rights of gays, Islamics, and illegal aliens,” Roth writes. “Let us look for a minute at these ‘special’ groups of people. Regarding the gay rights movement…Now, even our compromised Supreme Court has voted against our states’ rights, how God Himself defines marriage in the Holy Bible, and what most Americans want – marriage between a man and a woman.”

Actually, Laurie, 55 percent of Americans support gay marriage and only 32 percent of the country still think this is an important issue. And yes, what an “extraordinary” right, to be able to get married like the other 90 percent of Americans.

“Marriage has been neutered, and pastors and the media are to shut up about it,” Roth continues. “The new landscape has so much variety to its evil. Children are to be raised by two women, two men, or a group of women and men. The same men and women can change their sex the next weekend. Then, there are those who even marry the neighborhood or themselves.”

Laurie, sweetie, did you forget to take the happy pills? Or did you take too many? “Marry the neighborhood or themselves”?

She goes on to tie the whole thing to “Islamics” and illegal immigrants, somehow.

“The Islamic in-your-face activist groups play the persecuted victim card,” she claims. “We are all violating them and their speech. We are to notice nothing and say nothing about Islam re-writing their real history and slamming their religion down our children’s throats throughout Common Core school curriculum and the media. Business owners are to have no rights but to submit 100% of the time to the endless rights of Islamic workers who demand a multitude of things while suing if they don’t get their way and playing the martyr to perfection.”

“Illegal aliens…oh, yes, that is now hate speech,” she writes. “They are undocumented workers or immigrants…never mind that they knowingly break our laws, violate our borders, bring in endless diseases, drugs, terrorists, and danger to America. With this last planned and orchestrated entourage of tens of thousands of illegal aliens at the hands of Obama, buses were shipped in the cover of darkness to cities all across America. Cities and schools have been lined with tattoo covered adult criminals, drug dealers, and terrorists masquerading as children. Obama has enabled his illegal and criminal group to soar by now defining a child up to age 23.”

“We are seeing dangerous diseases spread to our children in public schools all across America and some are already dying from these viruses, while Obama and the progressive Democrats scream about their rights,” she concludes. “What rights? They shouldn’t be here. Our children are getting sick and dying. Terrorists and cartel members are going back and forth across the border making billions, while we are insulted and told we hate Hispanics, children, and poor people. The cherry on top for Obama and the progressive left is a hoped for numb-brained voter block.”

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