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Right Wing Loon: Obama ‘Mentally Ill,’ US in World War III against ‘Russia or China,’ Impeach Obama For ‘Treason’

Right-wing activist Wayne Allyn Root has posted a new video diatribe claiming that if “delusional” President Obama were president during World War II, “we would all be speaking German right now.”

Root goes on to say, “World War III may have already started with Russia or ISIS or China or all of the above plotting to destroy America.”

“We have decisions to make if we want America to survive,” Root says. “We have to decide if our president is incompetent or mentally ill. Or if he’s delusional and really believes all the answers to the many crises facing America are found on the golf course or at a Democratic fundraiser. Or whether this is treason. Republican leaders are going to have to do more than talk or whisper in the halls of Congress. Someone is going to have to take action to remove our president of his command because I know we aren’t going to make it with Obama in charge for two more years.”

This is right along the lines of what Root said while appearing on the ‘Point of View’ radio show earlier this fall.

“One man is taking down the entire America,” Root said. “This was his plan. It’s not a mistake. It’s not a coincidence. It’s not fate. One man was sent here to destroy the country. I don’t know who it was. Was it the Soviet Union? Was it communist forces? I don’t know who it is. Was it the Bilderbergs that want the world under One World control? I don’t know, Kerby. All I know is there’s someone in office who is either mentally unstable or is so incompetent that he has got to be removed, or he is purposely taking down this country.”

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