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Tom Tancredo: If Republicans Win Senate, Obama Must Be Impeached

Former congressman Tom Tancredo has penned a new column for ultra-right-wing “news” site WolrdNetDaily, calling for the Republicans to impeach President Obama if they win the Senate on Tuesday.

“With President Obama determined to declare an executive amnesty program for 5 to 10 million illegal aliens soon after next week’s midterm elections, citizens across the nation are wondering what the Republican Party plans to do to stop it,” Tancredo wrote.

“The well-understood way to block the president from implementing his giant amnesty plan, an unconstitutional action that he has arrogantly advertised in advance, is to impeach the president,” Tancredo states.

“The only certain way to halt the massive amnesty is to immediately file articles of impeachment against the president,” Tancredo says. “If Republicans capture the majority in the US Senate as now appears almost certain, the 2015 Congress is a new ballgame. If the House were to bring impeachment charges based on not only the amnesty but several other unconstitutional actions, do Democratic senators want to run for re-election in 2016 on a platform that starts with apologizing for Obama’s unconstitutional behavior?”

“The Obama presidency is self-destructing,” Tancredo concludes. “All that is needed to neutralize his planned amnesty and other unconstitutional actions is Republican courage to follow the Constitution and impeach the man. Anything less will simply pave the way for more of the same – not only on immigration, but on energy, welfare, voting rights, and other issues.”

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