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Ben Stein: Obama’s The ‘Most Racist President There Has Ever Been’

Ben Stein appeared on Sunday’s edition of Fox News’ America News HQ to claim that President Obama is the most racist President the country has ever seen.

That’s pretty impressive, given that Stein worked for Nixon, the first hundred years of American history saw mostly slave owners in the White House, and Woodrow Wilson re-segregated the federal government after it had already be desegregated.

“What the White House is trying to do is racialize all politics and they’re especially trying to tell the African-American voter that the GOP is against letting them have a chance at a good life in this economy, and that’s just a complete lie,” Stein said.

“I watch with fascination – with incredible fascination – all the stories about how the Democratic politicians, especially Hillary, are trying to whip up the African-American vote and say, ‘Oh, the Republicans have policies against black people in terms of the economy,’” Stein continued. “But there are no such policies.”

Stein went on to say, “It’s all a way to racialize voting in this country. This president is the most racist president there has ever been in America. He is purposely trying to use race to divide Americans.”

I’ve heard this claim a lot. That the Democrats placate black people by saying Republicans won’t help them, which is true. But what you never, ever hear is just how Republicans WOULD help black people. Even if the Democrats don’t help, the Republicans would simply be more proud of how much they’re not helping.

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