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Pat Robertson Calls Children With Down Syndrome ‘Mongoloids’

On Tuesday’s edition of The 700 Club, Pat Robertson referred to children with Down syndrome as “mongoloid” children.

“So you see these little children that we call mongoloid, you know, Down syndrome, sweet little children but the back part [of the head] hasn’t formed,” Robertson said. “It’s a deformity, if you have a little girl, can you imagine having a big hole in her mouth?”

Wait, what? And what do you mean “we call” them “mongoloid?” Don’t put this on us you fossil.

Earlier this year Robertson told a caller that even though the Bible does not prohibit marrying one’s cousin, cousins should speak to a genetic counselor to avoid birth defects.

“You don’t want to have some mongoloid child,” Robertson said.

After co-host Terry Meeuwsen caught him, Robertson backtracked saying, “I shouldn’t say mongoloid.”

No, Pat, no you shouldn’t. Nor should you encourage cousins to marry each other just because the Bible doesn’t say they can’t.

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  • Cindy Kaes Neal

    It is time for Pat to leave gracefully before he irreparebely ruins his reputation completely. He needs a fact checker. The ancient term for the trisomy children, now known as Downs Syndrome, was based on the somewhat oriental like eye shape they share. He seems to be referring to anacephalic children who do have a significant part of their brain missing.

    • jchastn

      Cindy, its too late.

      • hard2findu

        completely to late

  • camp01

    he is a friggin idiot, a rel fine example of a Christian, I thought I learned a song “Jesus Loves All The Little Children OF The World” no matter color or smartness.

  • Chris

    In his time, as in mine, Downs children were called mongoloid. I suppose for lack of a better term and no knowledge of the disease or what caused it. He’s old and needs to retire.

  • hard2findu

    I think I will burn a bible every day in the month of December in honor of Pat “The Creature” Robertson., lets see if this god thing intervenes