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Anti-Immigration Activist Warns GOP: Don’t Work With Obama, Impeach and Prosecute Him

William Gheen, the head of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, is calling for the Republicans in Congress to immediately “investigate, impeach, and prosecute” President Obama.

“The mandate from the American public in 2014 is not to go to DC to ‘work together’ with Democrats, but to stop Obama and to stop Obama’s abuses of power and violations of the existing federal laws and US Constitution on immigration and other matters,” Gheen wrote in an email to his supporters.

“ALIPAC is encouraging lawmakers to build and sustain the momentum of the 2014 elections by making the immediate focus investigating the Obama administration and proceeding to impeach and prosecute all who are found to be in violation of US laws!” Gheen said.

He then went on to apparently interview himself, quoting “William Gheen” as though he weren’t the one who wrote the entire email:

“America’s problems are not legislative, they are structural! We need Constitutional governance restored in America, illegal activity in the Obama administration stopped and those responsible brought to justice more than we need any legislation from the new Republican Congress!” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “If the GOP pursues amnesty, the party will split and be dashed upon the political rocks of history in 2016. If they investigate, impeach, and prosecute Obama, Holder, and Lerner, then the criminal revelations could permanently destroy the Democratic Party which could go the way of Acorn!”

He concluded by claiming that, “The Obama administration has engaged in many impeachable and criminal activities that were major driving forces in the historic Republican backlash against Obama that manifested in the 2014 election.”

Yeah. Well, that or money and lies. But definitely one of those.

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