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Columnist: Democrats Hate Fairness, Free Speech, Want To Regulate Online Blogs

Joseph Farah, the editor of the ultra-right-wing “news” site WorldNetDaily, has penned a new piece claiming that Democrats hate fairness and free speech and will soon push to regulate online news blogs.

“You could point to any number of issues to illustrate the radicalism of the Democratic Party,” Farah writes. “It prefers socialism to free enterprise. It prefers redefining marriage from a union of one man and one woman to anything goes. Though it loves government regulation of just about everything – from the size of soft drinks to your choice of medical care to public smoking – it tirelessly opposes any restrictions on the killing of unborn babies whatsoever.”

Fact: Most Democrats in Congress voted for a late-term abortion ban.

Fact: No Democrat in Congress has ever voted to regulate the size of soft drinks.

But facts just get in the way, don’t they?

“It believes requiring identification to vote is equivalent to ‘voter suppression,’” Farah continued. “In fact, it proffers that requiring Democratic presidential candidates to provide proof of constitutional eligibility for the office is akin to racism. I could continue ad nauseam. And, believe me, I get a little nauseous reviewing what this party stands for today.”

“But perhaps the most striking change in the character of the Democratic Party can be witnessed in its growing hostility to ‘fairness’ and ‘free speech,’” Farah claims, adding that liberals are “pushing to stamp out any dissent from their party line coming from independent news sites like this one.”

Hey Joe, you forgot to put the quotation marks around “news.”

“It’s the kind of mentality that eventually leads to totalitarian, police-state tactics,” Farah asserts. “That’s how dangerous the Democratic Party has become. It seeks to destroy the opposition, deny it any meaningful platform or forum, to label its ideas hate speech and worse. And that’s why Americans need to continue their opposition to all members of this party beyond Election Day. It about saving the American way of life.”

Don’t worry, Joe. If the Democrats wanted to destroy any “meaningful” platform, WND would be just fine.

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