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Activist Vows to Stop Obama’s Racist Ebola-ISIS Plot, Says Obama Would Never Help White Countries Because He’s A ‘Reverse Racist’

Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch is currently suing President Obama to demand the Administration ban any travelers from West Africa and spoke to ultra-right-wing “news” site WorldNetDaily to claim that Obama is refusing to ban travel from Ebola-stricken countries because he’s a racist.

He claimed that Obama would never help a white country because he is intent on “furthering a type of reverse discrimination against people who are not African” and upholding his “affinity with Africa.”

“This president, in everything he does, wears his race on his sleeve,” Klayman claimed. “And he’s furthering acts of terrorism because he’s opening the door to ISIS and other terrorists to infect themselves with Ebola and to come here and spread it throughout this country.”

Last week, Klayman wrote a column for WND calling for a revolution.

“Obama has left the door open to his African brothers, putting the interest of fellow blacks, with whom he feels a kinship, ahead of others,” Klayman wrote, adding that “Revolution is upon us!”

“The moral to this unfolding tragedy, coupled with a spate of terrorist attacks in Canada and New York City this week, is that Obama and his policies favor those with whom he most identifies – blacks and Muslims – at the expense of all of us,” Klayman claimed. “Obama has to more years left – that is, if he leaves office voluntarily – to work even more destructive actions, calculated to harm this nation, which he obviously loathes.”

Jeez, hyperbolize much?

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