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General Calls For Impeachment, Prosecution of ‘Jihadist’ Obama For ‘Aiding The Enemy,’ ‘Treason’

Former Army General Paul Vallely spoke with Trunews host Rick Wiles and called for Republicans in Congress to impeach President Obama.

Vallely, who previously called for a military coup and a citizen’s arrest of the President, told Wiles that Obama should be impeached “because of the treasonous events that have occurred in violation of our Constitution.”

Vallely added that both Obama and his Administration officials should be put on trial for treason.

“Barack Obama is a jihadist,” Wiles claimed.

Vallely agreed, saying Obama is a “radical Islamic sympathizer” who is “aiding and abetting the enemy.”

“This national security team needs to be tried for treason,” Vallely asserted.

He went on to claim that Obama is “sympathetic to radical Islam and the caliphate. It’s all very clear. You can see it, I can see it, others are seeing it, but the vast amount of American people seem to be blind against these threats to these United States. We’ve had ISIS that’s even been captured coming across our southern border into Texas.”

In another interview with Wiles earlier this fall, Vallely said he hoped that “divine intervention” or a “cataclysmic event” like a terrorist strike would “wake the American people up” to call for an end to Obama’s “tyrannical government.”

There’s a different strategy. Hoping for a terrorist attack so that you can push your political agenda. And these people are different from the radical Islamists how, again?

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