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Senate’s Top Climate Change Denier About To Become Head Of Senate Environment Committee

Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe is currently the top Republican on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works and the decades-long climate change denier is expected to become the Committee’s Chairman once Republicans officially take over the Senate in January.

Inhofe, who is essentially bought and paid for by the oil and gas industry, has been at the forefront of the climate change debate in the United States since long before Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth.  In fact, Inhofe has been denying climate change for over 20 years.

And Inhofe doesn’t simply “deny” climate change is man-made, he published a book in 2012 outright calling global warming a “hoax” and comparing the Environmental Protection Agency to the Gestapo.

Raw Story reports that Inhofe is expected to try to “dismantle the EPA rules cutting greenhouse gas emissions from power plants – the centerpiece of Obama’s environmental agenda.”

“I’m not sure we have the votes to advance those across the finish line particularly if they are vetoed,” said lobbyist Scott Segal, but did say he expects “tailored changes” to weaken the rules.

RL Miller, the head of Climate Hawks Vote, says, “I expect we are going to see less headline-grabbing efforts on the EPA and more of simply throttling their budget. If he touches climate denial at all he is going to be ridiculed in public and in the media. If he is smart, he is going to be very quiet publicly, and it will be death by a thousand cuts in the kind of budget battles that people like Jon Stewart don’t pay attention to.”

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