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Florida Cop Breaks 14-Year-Old Girl’s Arm During Warrantless Cell Phone Search

An outraged Florida family is calling for a Greenacres police officer to be fired after he broke a 14-year-old girl’s arm during an illegal warrantless cell phone search.

Officer Jared Nash says he approached the 14-year-old girl believing she had video of a school fight on her cell phone.

He says the girl was “uncooperative” and says she pushed him back as she tried to walk away.

“When she did this I took a hold of her left arm,” he wrote in his report. He says he told the girl to “stop and put the phone down.”

“She then began to twist and pull her arm around in an increased physical level trying to pull away,” Nash says. “I then tried placing her left hand behind her back to secure her in handcuffs due to her pushing me, her increasing attempts to break away from my grasp, and continuing to try to hand the phone to her friend despite my orders not to.”

The girl was taken into custody and later to Palms West Hospital where X-rays reportedly showed multiple fractures in her arm.

The girl’s father says the only reason the officer was even at the school was because the 14-year-old was being bullied and they filed a police report.

“We initiated a police report and they ended up causing more harm than anyone,” the dad says. “They have already admitted that there is a video, so they can’t go back now and say that there isn’t. They are saying that the officer’s excessive force was justified because they say my daughter pulled away from him. So one of your officers breaks a minor’s arm and you don’t investigate? I want him fired.”

To make matters worse, the officer had no right to conduct any search of her phone after the Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that police must have a warrant to search cell phones and devices.

To make matter even worse than that, the girl was charged with resisting arrest, once again begging the question: How can someone only be charged with resisting arrest if they did nothing illegal to warrant an arrest to begin with?

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