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California Man Viciously Beat and Killed Black Man, Blames Obama

A California man who viciously beat and ran over a black man, killing him, says he did so in self-defense and blamed President Obama for essentially serving as the catalyst that led to the attack.

In June of last year, 62-year-old Joseph Paul Leonard Jr. beat and killed 34-year-old Toussaint Harrison following an altercation outside of a Sacramento-area McDonalds.

Authorities says Harrison and Justin Oliphant were outside the McDonalds distributing food to homeless people. Leonard’s lawyers claim the men stole the food from a nearby hotel.

One of Leonard’s friends says that the two men approached her and Leonard “went crazy and lost his temper” when he came outside.

Leonard reportedly grabbed a chain from his pickup truck and video surveillance shows him swinging the chain over his head and confronting the two men.

Oliphant says Leonard used racial slurs and kicked Harrison’s bicycle.

Police say that’s when one of the men threw a knife and a broken bottle at Leonard and fled.

Leonard got in his car and tried to run over Oliphant before he hit Harrison. He then reportedly got out of his car and kicked Harrison in the head several times with his steel-toed boots. Harrison died from his injuries.

That’s when an employee from a nearby auto shop grabbed a metal bar and told Leonard to stay there and wait for the police.

“Just because we got Obama for a president, these people think they are special,” Leonard told police during his arrest.

“This could have happened to your son if you had one out there,” Leonard told police. “This got too out of hand for me, man.”

Leonard says he “feared for his life” after one of the men cut his cheek.

“I think people are getting tired of being abused by the situation, the way people are being,” he said. “I myself am tired of it. I am victimized every time I turn around.”

And that’s the result of the conservative media’s game, folks. Keep telling white men they’re the victim, they’ll start believing it – even when they are the aggressor.

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