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Louisiana Candidate Rants About ‘F*ggots, Bums, Our Hitler President’

A Louisiana candidate in a runoff school board election posted a series of eyebrow-raising Facebook posts but he tells KATC-TV that he is standing behind his inflammatory comments.

“Coach Don” Gagnard, running for the District 1 Lafayette Parish School Board, took to Facebook to express his frustration with “faggots, bums, illegal aliens, Veterans mistreatment and most of all: OUR HITLER PRESIDENT.”

“Our president hates our country and you are redistributing peoples [sic] money to Africans,” he wrote.

In another post, he said, “Others have to pay for the idiots because they are too lazy to do something for themselves except pass the blame on white people.”

In another post directed at President Obama, Gagnard wrote, “go away and bring your urangutan (sp) with you.”

He has since deactivated his Facebook account but admitted he made the comments and doesn’t deny hating gay people, “bums,” and illegal immigrants though he says he doesn’t hate black people, adding, “coaches are not racists.”

“I’ve bailed black people out of jail and bought them trucks,” Gagnard said. “If you call me a racist, that’s going to flip back on you. But the faggot thing – yeah, you can stick with that.”

Hold on, did he just say that he bought one of his players a truck? Did he just use an obvious high school athletic rule violation to claim he isn’t racist?

Gagnard received 36 percent of the vote while his runoff opponent, Mary Morrison, received 44 percent. Their runoff election will be held on December 6.

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  • Raymond Davis

    Some guys can get real cranky when they figure out their family tree has no branches

  • Regina Arrendell

    I hope to God no one votes for this idiot. I think I’d take my child/children out of school that had someone that hateful and crazy around! Clad I’m in Texas…we are only half as crazy as this sort…although some of the fools here are pretty out of touch themselves!

    • hard2findu

      hope to god LOL

  • Melinda Killie

    Yup, Raymond Davis…. Or any roots either for that matter….

  • Isidis St Claire

    Knowing how the voters in these states behave, the guy will get elected