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Radio Host: Obama is ‘A Homosexual Muslim Married to a Man’

Radio host Stan Solomon talked to Gun Owners of America executive director Larry Pratt and the two claimed that liberals are uniting with Muslim radicals to destroy America.

Pratt claimed the “Democrat party” believes “everything is to be reduced to race or some sort of sexual perversion.”

Solomon said he can’t understand why “they can’t help themselves but reach out and hug the Muslims and the Muslims, if they’d ever get into the position, would kill half the Democrats.”

Pratt agreed, adding, “The liberals are so consumed with hatred of our country that when they see somebody like a Muslim who hates America as well, they can’t get it through their head what you just pointed out, that they’re next. If they get those folks in power, if they pull off what they’re trying to do, they’re toast. You can I can probably protect ourselves because we’ve been preparing for that.”

That’s when Solomon dropped the bomb, claiming that President Obama is “a homosexual Muslim married to a man, I can’t imagine how Barack Obama would do if he ever ventured into a Muslim country and didn’t have 800,000 armed people around him.”

Even Pratt didn’t completely go along with that, saying that Obama is steeped in Islam but more likely “disparages every religion, his religion is Barack Obama, but he is a man that does not like this country.”

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