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Alex Jones Net Neutrality Meltdown: ‘This Is What The Nazis Did!’

Alex Jones apparently doesn’t like the idea of the government keeping the internet democratic and claimed that Obama’s push for net neutrality is “what the Nazis did.”

Jones claimed the White House will somehow use the net neutrality push to “shut down” conservative sites like his and said it’s a “high tech version of what the Soviets and the Nazis and the Chinese Communists and Fidel Castro and every other nut ball did?”

Really? Hitler fought for telegraph neutrality?

Jones said the government is creating a “nation of sheep ruled by wolves” and will “put you in government housing pins to run your life, bring you down, and imprison your children.”

Well, not me, ever!” Jones decreed.

Jones went on to ask God to give him “the strength of the words to unlock the spirit of humanity with a huge awakening to bring these people down forever and to bind them to Hell.”

Citing Ted Cruz’s claim that “net neutrality is ObamaCare for the internet,” Jones said, “I like Ted Cruz, he knows what he’s talking about.”

It’s pretty amazing what happens when you take the guy yelling lunatic ramblings on the street corner and put a camera and microphone in front of him.

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