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Open Carry Activist to Moms Against Guns: ‘Put a D*ck In Your Mouth and Shut Up’

An Arizona open carry activist has posted a YouTube video aimed at Moms Demand Action, telling them to stop trying to push gun control and “put a d*ck in your mouth and shut up.”

Rob Kinnison, who often posts his diatribes under the name Raging Rob on YouTube, uploaded a video slamming Moms Demand Action’s push to get supermarket chain Kroger to ban open-carry in their stores.

“I’m gonna send photos of Kroger, of me inside Kroger, outside Kroger, with my gun, inside Kroger… whatever,” Kinnison said.

So, will he be inside Kroger or no?

“And I’m going to send those photos to mothers demand… momsdemandaction.org, and I’m going to send them every f*cking day until Moms Demand Action shuts the f*ck up,” Kinnison declared.

Well, that certainly ought to show them…

“Put a d*ck in your mouth and shut up!” he added.

PoliticusUSA points out, “Checking out Kinnison’s Twitter account (he has over 27,000 followers), you’ll notice a very disturbing trend. Apparently, besides being a violent misogynist, Kinnison is also a white supremacist. Raging Rob has retweeted a number of disgustingly racist and homophobic tweets from neo-Nazis and white nationalists.”

It’s shocking that open carry activists have developed such a poor reputation with folks like ‘Raging Rob’ leading the charge.

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