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Ferguson Officer ‘Raped Pregnant Woman’

A Ferguson woman has filed a lawsuit alleging that a corrections officer raped her while she was three months pregnant.

The woman, whose identity has not been released, claims that she was pulled over for driving with expired plates. Police then arrested her for providing a false name.

She says that when she was brought to her cell, corrections officer Jaris Hayden said, “this will teach you a lesson.”

She says she begged to be let out but instead he raped her.

The Riverfront Times reports that the woman told Hayden, “I will do anything to go home.”

The lawsuit says, “By that remark J.W. did not intend to deliver the message that she would have sex with Hayden in exchange for release… J.W. was in great fear. Hayden was in a position of complete power over J.W. Hayden said, ‘follow me,’ and took her down various hallways. Hayden took J.W. into a boiler room in the City of Ferguson jail. Hayden then unbuttoned his pants, removed his penis from his pants.”

Hayden was actually arrested several days before the lawsuit was filed and is charged with sexual contact with a prisoner, permitting escape from custody, and acceding to corruption by a public servant.

The lawsuit claims Hayden’s behavior is part of a “pattern of violence” that is happening across Ferguson.

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