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Houston Restaurant Apologizes to Customers Who Complained ‘F*ggot’ Waiter Was ‘Too Gay’

A Houston waiter says he is humiliated after his restaurant’s manager apologized to customers who called him a “faggot.”

After a meal at Kelley’s Country Cookin’ on Wednesday, a customer used the receipt to write, “Don’t want to listen to a faggot through my whole meal.”

The waiter, 19-year-old Blake Butler, says the message on the receipt was “disgusting” but that wasn’t even the worst part.

Butler says his manager came over and apologized to the customer.

“Instead of having my back and be like, you know, ‘That’s my employee, I can’t have you talking about my employees like that.’ She was like, ‘Oh, It’s OK. I’m sorry,” Butler told ABC Houston.

The restaurant’s owner says that he would have had different words for the customer had he been there at the time.

Butler says the experience has been difficult for him.

“I recently came out to my parents today because I didn’t want them to find out on the news,” Butler told Channel 13. “I just finally said it.”

Butler also says he was fired from his job after the incident though the restaurant insists that he quit.

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